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Tuition and fees are subject to change by legislative or regental action and become effective on the date enacted. The Texas Legislature does not set the specific amount for any particular student fee.

The student fees are authorized by state statute; however, the specific fee amounts and the determination to increase fees are made by the university administration and The University of Texas System Board of Regents. To comply with Senate Billpassed by the 81st Texas Legislature the University of Texas at Arlington is required to report to each student the amount of tuition paid by the student that must be set aside to provide financial assistance to qualified students.

UT Arlington will notify students by email of the set aside amount. Undergraduate students who enrolled under the fall or subsequent catalogs may be required to pay non-Texas resident tuition rates when they exceed 45 hours more than is required for completion of the degree program for which the student is enrolled. The "99 hour rule" refers to the implementation of Senate Billpassed by the 75th Legislature. UT Arlington does not automatically change tuition rates when a doctoral student passes the hour mark.

The policy of the University is as follows: Doctoral students who enrolled under the Summer or subsequent catalogs may be charged non-resident tuition under the following conditions: A doctoral student may pay non-Texas resident tuition beginning the first long semester in which a the student has been enrolled previously as a graduate student for 14 or more long semesters, AND b the student has accumulated more than 99 semester credit hours of doctoral study at UT Arlington.

Students exceeding both limits will not be eligible for assistantships supported by state funds. Individual exceptions for students exceeding these criteria who are nearing degree completion are considered.

They are required of all students, charged to everyone taking specific courses or anyone receiving specific services, or charged only for voluntary products or services.

A Guaranteed Tuition Plan is offered to undergraduate students, including undergraduate students that transfer to UT Arlington per Section The Guaranteed Tuition Plan offers a fixed tuition price plan under which the institution agrees not to increase tuition charges per semester credit hour for a participating student for at least the first 12 consecutive semesters that occur after the date of the student's initial enrollment at any public or private institution of higher education, regardless of whether the student enrolls at any institution in those semesters, and subject to any restrictions or qualifications adopted by the governing board.

State law provides for several exemptions or waivers of tuition, fees, and charges. This web site will also provide department contact information and a list of tuition, fees, and charges that are exempt or waived. Additional information may be found in the Texas Education Code.

The student must have attempted all course work at a Texas public college or university and have been entitled to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree. The requested rebate must be for course work related to a first baccalaureate degree received from a Texas public university.

No more than three hours may be attempted in excess of the minimum number of semester hours required for the degree under the catalog which the student is graduating. Hours attempted include transfer credits, credit earned exclusively by examination, courses dropped after the official census date, for-credit developmental courses, optional internship and cooperative education courses, and those repeated exclusively by examination.

An application form and any other requirements pertaining to the tuition rebate may be obtained from the Graduation section of the Office of the Registrar.The University will not accept cash for the payment of student tuition and compulsory fees.

Payments can be made using any of the following methods.

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Need help? Your bank will be happy to walk you through the process. Anxious about paying bills online? You can choose to pay your fees by visiting or calling your bank. Just let them know you want to make a payment to Concordia University and simply provide your 8-digit student ID. On average, this type of payment takes business days to appear on your student account.

Concordia has made a credit payment option available by popular demand, but recommends students first consider other methods of payment that do not incur charges or convenience fees. You can access this service through the student portal MyConcordia. The use of non-Canadian dollar denominated credit cards for tuition fee payments is not recommended. Payments will typically take business days to be reflected in your student account. Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to Concordia University.

When completing a payment through the International Student Pay platform using UnionPay, the rate provided will be valid for 20 minutes and after submitting the transaction the funds will be processed.

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When completing a payment through the International Student Pay platform using a credit card, the rate provided will be valid for 20 minutes and after submitting the transaction the funds will be processed.

For technical support, please contact studentaccounts concordia. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Methods of payment. Pay online. Online banking. Pre-authorised debit PAD. Online credit card payment. Back to top.We have created an education that goes further than most, by combining faith, reason and liberal arts into one core curriculum. True leaders are those who measure success by the number of lives they touch and improve. As part of our mission to graduate such leaders, we work hard to provide both financial aid opportunities and to address issues of affordability.

You'll find numerous academic, talent, leadership, merit, athletic and alumni scholarships and grants. Our main goal is to provide students with a holistic education — one that helps you become more successful in every aspect of life.

But not all of that education is found in the classroom, the chapel or in textbooks. Whether you're a prospective student, an alum, a friend of the University, or a fellow Houstonian, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. We invite you to explore the indoor and outdoor spaces of Houston Baptist University. Here, students gain knowledge and wisdom, grow in their faith, discover their callings and make lifelong friends.

See where it all happens by taking the virtual tour! Launch Virtual Experience. My time at HBU was a huge growth opportunity for me. I was really challenged. I love Jesus.

I wanted to go to school in a Christian environment and grow spiritually. I like that HBU has a good business program.

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The inaugural TeamUP initiative was launched in the school year. The program equips youth with professional skills and experiences in the sports industry, driving motivation to pursue college or a career path.

Read More. Sloan said. Napper brings ….Students can authorize their parents, guardians, spouse, or others to access their billing and payment information within TouchNet. By setting up an Authorized User, the student is giving written permission for that individual to review account information, discuss the account with the Bursar Office Staff, and to make payments toward the student account.

The permission will remain in effect until the student deletes the Authorized User from the TouchNet system.

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To create an authorized user, the student must initiate the process and know the authorized user's email address. The student enters the email address of the authorized user and indicate what access the individual should be allowed.

Once the student clicks continue, they will need to agree to the agreement of the authorized user. Click "I agree.

Authorized User

The authorized user will receive two emails from the Bursar's Office with their login credentials as well as the authorized user login link. The first time the authorized user logs in, they will be prompted to enter their name and change the password. Contact Bursar's Office. Creating Authorized Users To create an authorized user, the student must initiate the process and know the authorized user's email address. Bursar's Office fas fa-map-marker-alt Lower level of the Orr Center fas fa-mobile-alt fas fa-envelope Email fas fa-clock Office Hours: Monday through Thursday am to pm Friday am to pm.The Business Office at CBU is committed to providing outstanding financial services to our students, families, faculty, and staff.

Credit card and electronic check payments can be only made online. What is TouchNet? TouchNet Information Systems, Inc. Unfortunately, credit and debit card payment processing has become increasingly expensive due to the processing fees charged by credit card companies coupled with the costs associated with securing cardholder data. The service fee is established by TouchNet to cover credit card processing costs and will not show up on your student account.

If you would like to authorize a parent or other user to pay on your behalf:. In This Section Tuition Payment. Select student and staff. Log in. Select the access you want the authorized user to have by clicking yes or no to the two options. Selecting No will not prevent the authorized users from making payments. The authorized user will receive a second email with a username and temporary password. The authorized user will be required to set up a profile.

BusinessOffice cbu. Business Office.New students are notified concerning registration by the Admissions Office. Continuing students receive advanced registration privileges. This advanced registration begins in April for the summer and fall terms and mid-November for the spring and winter terms.

The scheduling of the date for each continuing student to register is based upon credit hours earned, with those closest to graduation receiving the highest priority. All accounts are carried in the name of the student.

Financially delinquent students will not be allowed to register for courses, and academic records will be withheld until all financial obligations to the University have been satisfied.

Student Resources

Students must have paid their tuition, room and board, and fee charges in full, or have been enrolled into an approved payment plan, by the payment deadlines set by the University. Please view the Terms of Payment section on our Payment Information page for these deadlines. Fees and charges are the most current published, unless otherwise stated.

New tuition and fees charges for the coming academic year are typically published in spring of each academic year. Home Admissions Tuition and Fees. Tuition and Fees. This initiative joins several important measures on behalf of our students: FDU is freezing tuition again.

There was no increase for the academic year for current students, and there will again be no increase for the academic year.

That marks three consecutive years of the same tuition rate. The University has provided generous discounts for Summer and Winter Session courses to help students accelerate the completion of their degrees, and save on tuition. FDU has restructured graduate tuition rates — simplifying and, in many programs, reducing the cost.

FDU has renewed its commitment to help students graduate in four years, and created a new campaign to generate increased scholarship funds. All students should register through their home campus. Terms of Payment: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter Students must have paid their tuition, room and board, and fee charges in full, or have been enrolled into an approved payment plan, by the payment deadlines set by the University.Our academics put you on a path to success. Where do you want to go?

Start here. Go anywhere. Undergraduate Graduate. Applied Psychology. Concentration Minor. Major Minor. Mathematics Education.

Construction Management. Special Education. Engineering Management. Interdisciplinary Studies. Electrical Engineering. Natural Science. Pre-Health: Veterinary Medicine. Pre-Health: Dentistry. Management Information Systems.

Pre-Health: Physician Assistant. International Business. English Education Humanities Computing. History Education Biomedical Sciences. Major Concentration. Pre-Health: Pharmacy.

Creative Writing. Cognitive Neuroscience. Data Analytics. Computer Science. Sport Management. Cultural Studies. Liberal Studies K


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